The Ocean View Tour by R K Puma

Once a bustling business area: the first to establish a home, rather than a summer cottage in OV, was William F. Johnson (1840-1925); who resided at 1121 Granby for 42 years. Miles MemorialOriginally from London, he was a taxidermist and noted OV florist. During the Jamestown Exhibition, he was curator of the animals, including a water buffalo from the Philippines; more on the 1907 Jamestown Expo.

Just beyond Johnson's Square are several churches: Ocean View Baptist on Wells Pkwy; Holy Trinity on Government Ave; Ocean View Presbyterian on Tidewater; and on Granby, Miles Memorial Methodist.

Up the "parade route" to Pretlow Branch Library there's Davenport's Barber Shop, relocated from Johnson's Square to Beachtowne Shoppes-- Abbey's Deli, later Granby North, with Holly Spires from the Camel as proprietor.

Ocean View Park
The park during filming:
"The Death of Ocean View Park"
in 1978, just before it's demise.

W F (Red) Thornton
Virginia Realty since 1945

Doug's Hot Dogs

See enlarged OV Park, today.

Red's Fun Spot
Red Rooster's
famed painting
of OV Funspot

We're approaching East Ocean View, in a stage of remarkable transition. Please secure your parcels, do not stand and keep arms legs inside.

About the Nickel Tour

Entrance Ramp from the Tunnel"Downtown Ocean View" is where Tour 2 wrapped, at the Pretlow Branch Library, "delta" of Granby: once a thruway to the long-gone Ocean View Park Funspot via a pedestrian tunnel, which created a "lose your stomach" bump on the avenue driving above, a preview of the legendary "Leap-the Dips" roller coaster. Other OV Tours featuring OV Park history & images include Part VI, Part VIa, Part VII , Part XIII, Part XVII, Part XXI, Part XXII  & Part XXIIa.

Click Belo's!We miss the old Belo's, (today, a hardware-- but once the fabulous Candlelight Restaraurant). The quick grocery was right next to First Virginia (once Southern Bank of Norfolk ) and "Red" Thornton's Virginia Realty. click! (20173 bytes)It was also across from Beachtowne Shoppes, where Holly Spires morphed Abbie's Deli into Granby North; which closed in 2008. Also in those shops are everyone's favorite barber, Mr. Davenport. Mr. D. decades back, operated a shop next to the Iron Duke at Johnson's Square. Conveniently, Doug's Hot Dogs serves up Hormel's™ and clam chowder, a super alternative for moms "sliding thru" adjacent McDonald's: for an even happier meal! Also, Tommy (Bobby) Lassiter corrected us in that the curb service drive-in that was located where the OV McDonalds is today, was called Park Grill.

OV Shopping Center itself has the perfunctory pharmacy, grocery, liquor store and everyone's personal shopping fave: Dollar Tree (coming soon to a "burb mart" near you).  Royal Garden Chinese RestaurantA real buck banger is Royal Garden, for yummy Lo Mein or General Tso's Chicken-- with green tea, egg drop or wonton and eggroll included for a ridiculously low price, if you have a yen. Adjacent, just past the Post Office, is Post 60/Fleet Reserve on First View. 

The new Ocean View Beach Park (replacing the beloved, old "Fun Spot") across from the shopping center, coordinates with various committees, sponsors and residents in presenting festivals, concerts, holiday events and art shows such as the one pictured here, the August 1988 Chesapeake Bay Art Association's annual show; featuring a variety of work by regional artists, including area favorite, Paul DeVaughn Trice AKA "Red Rooster" best known for his OV Funspot print; he's a periennial winner of the Sarah Constance Historic Award. See historic Downtown Ocean View photos, contributed by dear Red Rooster.

While we are here, let's not forget Greenie's, still there (where Rooster's mom worked) in the same spot for more than fifty years; O'Hara's which moved across the street to what is now the shopping center and became Maddog'sMaddogs' in the early 70's, operated by Tommy Barnes and Steve Haley (gone- but not forgotten tribute to days of Joe Cocker and Leon Russell).

The old park is so rich with history, it would take a sizable book to cover most of it. One "kewl" fact: the waffle-cake ice cream cone was introduced by the Doumar family at the park in the early 1900's. This ingenius and convenient method of serving ice cream was definitely a boost for the park. It's often forgotten the Doumar family once operated out of our "Coney Island of the South" offering Abe Doumar's creation but the cones are still made by hand, at their long-standing 20th Street & Monticello curb service location.

OV Park history & images now also include Part VI, Part VIa, Part VII ,
Part XIII, Part XVII, Part XIXb, Part XXI, Part XXII  & Part XXIIa
Have you seen "Thrill Hill" and more - Part IV?

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