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Nancy Singleton contributed:
Sat 7/17/2004 4:49 PM    From:  
Subject: Singleton Family Album: Mouse over all images to determine size & click to enlarge!

Little Bay - 28kbClick!
Mr. Richard Edwards, Sr
(note below) wrote us in May and is still digging up photos,
but dear Nancy Singleton provided images of the Singleton properties at
785 & 789 WOV Ave. Nancy, a retired school teacher, also provided images of the family home in the 1300 blk of WOV, "big bay" side. Thank you so much Nancy for sharing with us. --RK

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Sent: Saturday, May 08, 2004 2:09 PM
Subject: Memories

I'm Richard Edwards Sr. & have lived in this area for almost 40 yrs... I have many memories of Ocean View; as a child my parents visited Norfolk on vacation. I learned to swim in Willoughby Bay in mid forties, remember the amphibious planes taking off and landing in the water was really fascinating. We rented cottages from the Singletons & used to fish on Harrison's Pier, also rented row boats from them. I got your web address from my son Rick who has some pictures posted from Isabel on your site. I have couple of pictures taken in the forties if you're interested. --Richard Edwards   We sure are Mr. Edwards, shout when they're ready! --RK

Little Bay Snow 26kb
Kenny & Barney,

Little Bay snow

Winter '58/'59 34kb
Winter, '58/'59

Snowy Beach 24kb
Snowy Beach

Singleton Cottages 40kb
Singleton Cottage

Boys of Winter 30kb
Kenny & Barney

Grandfather 26kb
Grandfather, Bob Singleton

--a policeman

50s Firehouse 32kb
Fireman Kenny & Kids:
Barney ,Becky, Nancy & Kenny

WOV Snow 33kb
Kenny from 785 WOV

Shoveling Snow 24kb
Facing 785 WOV

W Ocean View Ave 31kb
W Ocean View Ave

Beach Party 23kb
Beach Party guests

On Little Bay 23kb
Little Bay Helen - beachin'

Big Bay Deck 23kb
Big Bay deck

Big Bay 27kb
Big Bay from shoreline

Becky 33kb
Daughter Becky

Beach Babies 35kb
Kenny & Barney

Nancy & baby 33kb
Nancy & baby

Nancy & baby 25kb
Nancy & Nancy

Singleton Cottages 23kb
Nancy & Little Bay boat

Nancy Fishing 22kb
Nancy fishing

Nancy & Foot 37kb
Nancy & baby John (Foot)

Nancy & Kids 33kb
Nancy & kids

Little Bay 23kb
Roland Campbell at point near Cap'ns Quarters

1931 OV Kindergarten 53kb
1931 OV Kindergarten,

Kenny (b/r)

789 WOV today 47kb
789 WOV today

Singleton Family 30kb
Nancy's teaching retirement--
(Back, L-R) Mary & Barney Singleton, husband Kenny Singleton, daughter Becky Singleton, in-laws June & Wally Zenow,
friends John & Carol Elsworth of Michigan -- Front: Nancy, daughter Nancy, Kenny's mother Helen

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